Kaya  aku! Kaya aku! Utusan Malaysia 100juta…blog blog pro Umno, Papagomo,House PK,Dr MiM,APA,Pisau lagi dan lagi dapat berjuta juta lemon..tu belum masuk blog pro PR.Aku bakal jadi Billionaire Duit Saman…ha ha ha.

Saman jangan tak saman Min…
Saman jangan tak saman Min…
(Harakah Daily) – PKR vice-president Azmin Ali has instructed his lawyers to demand RM100 million as well as an apology from UMNO daily Utusan Malaysia and its editor over the latter’s publication of pornographic pictures accusing him of illicit sex acts.

In a statement to Harakahdaily, PKR vice president N Surendran said the images front paged by the right-wing daily yesterday, showing a woman and a man it claimed was Azmin in various compromising positions, were fake.

“The allegations and photographs are fabricated, politically motivated and the lowest kind of gutter journalism. As usual, the photos have been widely published in the BN owned media and pro-UMNO blogs,” Surendran said.

Surendran said prime minister Najib Razak in his capacity as the president of UMNO which owns the paper must take personal responsibility for its publication of pornographic images.

“It is impossible that character assassination of this scale could be carried out by Utusan Malaysia without the approval and knowledge of Najib,” he added.

In his letter of demand, Azmin said the paper must withdraw its allegations, issue a public apology to be published on its front page and pay RM100 million in damages.