Is Pak Lah still calling the shots,Tony?

We were alerted by blogger Penarik Beca [read here] of Tony’s remark made as reported by The Malaysian Insider’s yesterday, Leaving Jakarta for an unavoidable sacrifice, says Fernandez.

Penarik Beca highlighted the following remark:

The billionaire music executive-turned-airline-tycoon said that the only way his successor Aireen Omar would be able to grow was by giving her space to come into her own without the risk of having his presence dominating the business. 
And I don’t want to be like some senior politicians who insist on calling the shots long after they’ve handed over the reins,” he said.
He also highlighted the following:

“We have put Malaysia on the world map and we are investing in its future,” said Fernandes. “So how can these right-wing bloggers say that I’ve abandoned Malaysia? What have they done for the country?”Wakakaka … sure you’ve “put Malaysia on the world map” and “investing in its future”. Firstly, you did it after stealing from it. With the stolen money, you only say you are investing in its future. But why leave for Indonesia.

Thank for the tip-off Tony because we didn’t know Pak Lah is still calling the shots. That way we will still be on the look-out.

We know for sure he wouldn’t be talking about Tun Dr Mahathir who has been publicly giving encouraging words of Tony F’s Air Asia, the collaboration of Air Asia and MAS and been seen together in public.

Privately, Tun Dr Mahathir supported Tony F to takeover Air Asia from DRB-Hicom and it was given for pittance despite DRB already have in place a plan to do LCC. This is another story we have yet to tell.

It reminded us when Pak Lah was about to be on his way out and despite his open friendship, regular futsal game with Khairy and sponsorship of Khairy’s Myteam, Tony F stabbed Khairy in the back.

By the look of things, the senior politician he is talking must be someone on the way out from the grasp of power. It couldn’t be Tun Dr Mahathir, could it?

It must be Pak Lah then who had helped him and allowed him to plunder on MAS routes. Pak Lah seems to still call the shots in MAS via Khazanah CEO, Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar who had placed before CEOs who serve his purpose.

Azman kept silence on the issue of MAS Catering which is suspiciously Pak Lah’s looting of MAS and yet remain as Adviser with a monthly salary of RM30,000.

Pak Lah also did not gave any view on the MAS-Air Asia collaboration as though he is giving a silent approval.

Despite call by many, Dato Najib did not do a cabinet reshuffle and maintain the same cabinet line-up that is mostly Pak Lah’s men. The same at the state Menteri Besars and Ketua Menteris.

Tan Sri Nor Mohamad Yakcop is still holding strong to the GLCs.

Then it has to be Pak Lah simply because by the look of it, Pak Lah will definitely lose his rein when Najib gets reelected or the remote chance of Anwar Ibrahim replacing Najib as Prime Minister.

It is only becoming of Tony F to take out his sabre and take a swipe at those who fed him.

Unless he was offended when Dr Mahathir finally realised and said that the MAS – Air Asia collaboration is rather lop-sided, he must have meant it to be Pak Lah. Hehehe …

In fact, Tony F’s swipe at Malaysia Airport is after they helped his operations by giving them priority to take-off for the early morning rush and also cheap rent for his night parking of his planes.


Be sacred Tony F, be really sacred … 

Take your swipe at anyone you wish to Tony because you are going down together with all the Airbuses that he has ordered.

The nature of corporate lifecycle is such that Tony F’s plunge is inevitable. Company that have been on high growth over a long time without consolidating will accumulate debt burden, operational inefficiency and management complacency and ego that will lead to it’s early demise.

If the company depends a lot on the high price of it’s shares in the stock market to raise financing, in which the high revenue growth serve to propel speculation of it’s shares based on the forecasted PE model, it will be faced with the question of sustaining that growth.

Where is Tony F getting that growth? Indonesia? Wakakaka ….

Low cost long haul? Muahahaha ….

You’re going down, Tony F. You going down… CIMB’s Nazir knows it and CIMB’s MAS Chairman Tan Sri Mohd Nor Yusof knows it too.

That explain for the merger. For Tony F, it was about deliberately weakening MAS from inside and further plundering of MAS assets for cheap. After all, his model of success resembles the 40 thieves in the tale of Ali Baba.

Remember that the message in the tale of Ali Baba is that the greedy ones will pay for his greed. Hehehe ….

For his to say that bloggers did not contribute to the country, perhaps he should ask what does his cheap fares, unpaid bills everywhere and stealing of Government assets contribute to the country?

Off course, bloggers do not contribute as industrialist or businessman, at least we foiled his attempt to rape the plunder the country for himself and his foreign majority owned Air Asia. Yes, Air Asia carry the national flag but it has foreigners as majority shareholders.

Bloggers do contribute and more than Tony F. We contribute to giving feedback on public policy, help to put right to wrong, raise public consciousness on issues, put crooks and corrupts in jails, and contribute to the national debate.

So greedy Tony F, your corporate death will much awaited. After stabbing, everyone, the public and country that helped you, no one will cry at your funeral.

Source : A Voice