Ingat tak artikel aku sebelum ini tentang 7 “senjata ampuh” dari 11 yang bakal digunakan SINI.Aku tak kata TS Musa Hassan bekas Ketua Polis Negara ini salah satu daripada nya,tapi aku juga tidak mengatakan ianya bukan.Jadi orang Umno yang mindanya masih berfungsi dan belum ditimpa karat  pakat fikirlah apa yang cuba aku ketengahkan disini…ha ha ha.



Musa Hassan’s “interference’

Rocky Bru

“That was why (Anwar Ibrahim) was charged in court .. he interfered with police investigation”. – Tan Sri Musa Hassan, former Inspector-General of Police

A lot of people were taken aback by Musa Hassan’s comments on “interference” in on-going police investigation, as reported by The Malaysian Insider a few hours ago [Ex-IGP says ministers meddle with investigations]. Well, they shouldn’t, really. Musa had complained about “interference” in police work a week before he retired in September 2010 [IGP speaks out against third party intereference, The Star, 7/9/2010; see also KDN’s prompt response Home Ministry denies Musa’s “interference” claim, The Malaysian Insider, 8/9/2010]. What Musa said today isn’t new but what makes it news, I suppose, is the timing: right on the eve of the annual general assembly of Umno, the country’s ruling political party. Also, talk was rife about the ex-IGP being wooed by PAS, a major component of Anwar Ibrahim-led opposition pact Pakatan Rakyat. Could this be Musa’s opening gambit as an Opposition politician then?

I wasn’t taken aback at all by Musa’s remarks; in fact, I kind of expected it. Two nights ago, Musa and I happened to be having a quiet dinner in PJ. I had asked to see him because the talk about him and Anwar “sleeping together” was too much for me to bear … I had to ask him myself. Also, it had been quite a while.

We talked about many things and one of them was of how politicians tried to interfere when he was the CPO of Johor and when he was the IGP, and how things may be now with the current IGP. “They tried but they didn’t get pass me,” Musa said. I believe the man but others wanted Musa perceived as just another “yes” man (and corrupt, too, if RPK’s stories were to be believed!).

Take what Pakatan’s Khoo Kay Peng wrote in “Too Late, Too Little” after Musa had spoken out about “interference” two years ago:
“Musa is desperate to repair his image by pointing his finger at the Home Ministry. Predictably, he only voiced out his frustration and unhappiness after his contract was not renewed. If he gets another two years, Musa would have been more than happy to play along.”
So what of Musa Hassan’s latest claim, then – is he still trying to repair his image? Or is he rehearsing his lines as an election candidate for Pakatan come PRU13?

Most of us know the man as an Allah-fearing cop. At the dinner two nights ago, I observed that Musa had not changed much since he retired from the force. Still very passionate every time he spoke of how the police can do better. He didn’t seem to have aged, either: ramrod straight when he stands and never slouches when’s seated. So he needs to be less harsh and a little more diplomatic, perhaps, but, hey, if he had thought he had it in him he would have accepted the Government’s offer to be the country’s Ambassador to Brunei two years ago, wouldn’t he?

I asked him just now if he had started to be at loggerheads with certain politicians since our dinner. The way he was being quoted, people may think he was attacking the Home Minister again. No such thing, Musa assured me. A lot of politicians tried to interfere.

I had to ask him: Did Anwar Ibrahim try to interfere with police investigations back then?

“That was why he was charged in court …”. (ayat ni power dan power akan ditambah bila perlu dan bila tiba masanya- komen APA)

As for joining Pakatan Rakyat, he told me “NO” and there is no reason to doubt the man. He has never been a member of any political party and he does not wish to be. “As police officer, I can’t be taking sides with any political parties.” What he wishes to do is to help improve the image of the police and strengthen the force. “This nation’s future depends on it.”