What They Did Not Teach At The UMNO Assemblies

Self-respecting Malays don’t cry when listening to the quality of speech Najib was making. He was stoking the fears of the Malays, affirming the fact that Malays are boarders of the huge plane called UMNO. He was also shouting on top of his lungs as though truth is measured in decibels. 
At this point in history, having its beginning in 1987, UMNO is just one big plane. Hence the safety and the future of the UMNO plane passengers depend on the conduct of the captain, crew and ground support staff. If the UMNO plane crashes, the Malay passengers on board are indeed doomed.
But there are now several planes which Malays and Malaysians can board. Choice is the basis of democracy. Liberty and freedom are protected when power is dispersed. In 2008, power was no longer concentrated in the hands of UMNO/BN. it won 140 out of the 222 parliamentary seats, failing to get a 2/3 majority. In other words, Malaysians chose to board different planes and by doing that, dispersed power from UMNO to other parties. In Kelantan, Penang, Wilayah Persekutuan, Selangor and Kedah, the people chose decisively to board the PR planes. Their choices have proven to be beneficial.
The comparison of UMNO to a plane is timely. If the UMNO plane crashes, only those on-board perish. Others not on the plane go on living. There are 18 million Malays in the country. If the 3 million on the UMNO plane perish, there are still 15 million Malays carrying on life without needing the UMNO plane to move on. They have other planes which they can catch.
The welfare of the passengers is entirely in the hands of the captain, crew and the support staff related directly to the plane. The welfare of others not on the plane is entirely independent of the conduct of the captain, crew and the support staff. The captain, crew and support staff is entirely irrelevant to the welfare of the rest of the country who elected not to be on the UMNO Plane.
The characterization of UMNO as the devil we all know with whom we can be friends with, is both ominous while it is most fitting. The UMNO government displays a devil may care attitude in the country’s finances. Since 1998, this is our 16th year in budget deficit. The danger with budget deficits is that they can be indicators of financial indiscipline. Even in good times, the budget is still in deficit indicating that this government has permanently incorporated debt into the structure of the economy. Debt becomes structural and a bad habit. Next year, the federal government’s debt will reach RM503 Billion. 
After 55 years, Malays are made to believe that they depend on UMNO. Thus after 55 years, the vocation of a sizable number of Malays is to get themselves bussed and transported into stadiums, onto fields and inside buildings, ululating 1Malaysia and deifying St Najib. That is the insult of the highest order.
Making Malays UMNO-dependent is enslavement in miniature. When Najib makes it out that without UMNO, Malays are finished , he is affirming his and UMNO’s feudal nature. That UMNO is the master, the people are slaves.
What UMNO did during its General Assembly was to encourage Malays to look into the mirror and tell their reflections, how good they are. Malays are a race par excellence, Malays this and Malays that. Self-respect is not achieved that way by daily mutterings of some success mantra. Najib and UMNO are deceiving Malays into believing that group-hug mentality is sufficient to help out Malays. Continued reliance on UMNO’s patronage is like giving a life jacket to a non-swimmer. He stays afloat for a number of hours, but does not learn to swim.
Continue to think meanly of ourselves, we will continue to sink into our own estimation as well as in the estimation of others. MCA Chinese and MIC Indians are laughing at seeing how stupid the Malays are.