Aku tak boleh tahan memikirkan lawak Pakatan Rakyat yang selama ini pagi petang
siang malam minta @NajibRazak bubarkan parlimen.Kononnya nak main “game”
…kah kah kah.Akhirnya sendiri terkantoi….

Baca lagi ulasan dari Syed Akhbar Ali dibawah…

GE13 Poker : Najib Calls Pakatan’s Bluff

I received a phone call from an astute observer today. Why did PM Najib delay the
dissolution of Parliament for so long? Well folks many of us did not know this 
but there was actually a poker game going on with the Pakatan Rakyat.

Until now there is no news that the FOUR Pakatan Rakyat States will also dissolve
their State Assemblies. In the past the PAS in Kelantan have always followed the rest
of the country.

All this while the Pakatan Rakyat was pressuring Najib to dissolve Parliament. 
It was just a trick. 

If Najib had dissolved Parliament any earlier the FOUR Pakatan states would NOT
have followed suit. They wanted to dissolve their FOUR State Assemblies on a different
date – thus forcing the EC to call for a separate election in their FOUR States.

Now Najib has called their bluff. If the FOUR Pakatan
States do not dissolve their Assemblies by tomorrow then we know that they are up to no
good. You have been pressuring to dissolve Parliament. So why delay now? This is called chickening out.

However Parliament will lapse by 29th April anyway. Most of the State Assemblies
including Penang, Kedah, Selangor and Kelantan will also have to dissolve by then. The
EC has 60 days from the dissolution of Parliament to call for elections. So that clock
starts to run from today 3rd April, 2013.

The General Elections must now be held latest within 60 days from today ie by approximately 2nd June 2013.

Even if the FOUR Pakatan States delayed the dissolution of their State Assemblies, they
cannot go past April 29th (the statutory dissolution date for Parliament and also past the
dissolution of all State assemblies).

From past General Elections the EC is expected to meet in about a week from the
dissolution of Parliament to discuss the date of the General Elections. People expect the
EC to meet on Monday 8th April, 2013 – seven days from now.

Here is the catch – if the FOUR Pakatan States have not dissolved their State Assemblies
by Monday 8th April, then the EC too will certainly smell a delaying action. My view is the
EC can easily wait until the FOUR Pakatan States are forced to dissolve their Assemblies
by end April.

From April 29th (Statutory expiry of Parliament) there are still 34 days till 2nd June, 2013.
 That is ample time to have simultaneous elections (Parliamentary and State seats) in all the

This means the Pakatan Rakyat’s bluff to try to have separate elections has just been
checkmated. Najib has called their bluff. Gotcha !!