Inilah manusia terlebih bijak disebuah negara dibenua Afrika.Setahun selepas melakukan The Arab Spring menjatuhkan Hosni Mubarak yang dikatakan diktaktor dan digantikan dengan Morsi yang juga dikatakan ditaktor dan dijatuhkan semalam dengan bantuan tentera,negara Mesir masih lagi dalam keadaan ketidaktentuan.Sama saja dengan negara negara yang pemimpin mereka berjaya dijatuhkan rakyat melalui sama ada demo jalanan atau menjemput campurtangan kuasa asing Afghanistan,Tunisia dan Iraq semuanya masih merangkak rangkak untuk cuma bangun semula tetapi masih gagal.Keadaan hidup rakyat dinegara negara yang disebut tadi LEBIH TERUK dari sebelumnya dan inilah yang cuba ditiru oleh mangkuk mangkuk pendokong demonstrasi jalanan dinegara kita tanpa ingin belajar dari apa yang telah berlaku disana.

Standing guard: Members of the Egyptian military at a roadblock in the Cairo district of Giza the morning after President Mohamed Morsi was ousted from power
On alert: Troops and armoured vehicles were deployed in the streets of Cairo and elsewhere to surround Islamist rallies over fears of a violent reaction to the coup
Weeding them out: Arrest warrants have been issued for 300 members of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood movement
New era: A family walks to Tahrir Square the morning as President Morsi is placed under house arrest after being removed from office by the military
No time to waste: Adly Mansour (centre), the chief justice of Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court, speaks at his swearing in ceremony as he is made interim president just hours after the coup
Ecstatic: Opponents of Mohamed Morsi celebrate near the presidential palace after he was ousted from power by Egypt's military
Lighting the way ahead: Protesters out in force in Cairo's Tahrir Square as the country's armed forces move in to depose Morsi following days of unrest
Fireworks light the sky as opponents of President Mohammed Morsi celebrate in Tahrir Square
Egyptian Armed Forces Commander in Chief Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi called for presidential and parliamentary elections along with a panel to review the constitution
Elated: Egyptian cheer and wave after the announcement by the head of the armed forces, General Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi of the coup
Overjoyed: Millions of anti-Morsi protesters around the country erupted in celebrations after the televised announcement by the army chief on Wednesday evening
Taking to the streets: Opponents of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi celebrate near the Presidential palace
Still has their backing: Thousands of Pro-Morsi protesters take part in a demonstration in Raba'a Al-Adaweya square in Cairo, Egypt
Containment strategy: Egyptian soldiers build a roadblock in Nasr City where supporters of President Morsi supporters were protesting
At the ready: Fearing a violent reaction by Morsi's Islamist supporters, troops and armoured vehicles deployed in the streets of Cairo and elsewhere
Celebrations broke out after the head of Egypt's armed forces issued a declaration suspending the constitution
The president's aide has said the Egyptian leader Morsi has been moved to an undisclosed location
Laser lights are flashed as protestors gather in Tahrir Square to celebrate the removal of President Morsi this evening
In a televised broadcast General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi effectively declared the removal of elected President Mohamed Morsi
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has been overthrown by the military and has been moved to an undisclosed location
An army soldier (centre) cheers with protesters as they dance and react in front of the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo
An Egyptian military helicopter flies over Tahrir Square after a broadcast by the head of the military confirming they will temporarily be taking over
Army soldiers stand guard in front of protesters near the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo
Army soldiers take their positions in front of anti-Morsi protestors near the Republican Guard headquarters in Cairo
An Egyptian army helicopter flies over protestors in Cairo's landmark Tahrir Square
Egyptian protestors demonstrating against President Mohamed Morsi, in Tahrir Square, Cairo today
A coup would mean ousting a democratically elected president, the first in Egypt's history
Just before the military's deadline expired, Morsi repeated a vow not to step down
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Defiance: Protesters hold up their shoes following a defiant speech by President Morsi last night. At least 23 people are thought to have been killed in clashes in the capital last night
Plain-clothes policemen walk with protestors opposed to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi at the site of clashes with opposing protestors in the Kit Kat neighborhood of Giza, Egypt